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by doe john

Open Call for Submissions:

ChristGEO is currently accepting submissions of family friendly content.

If you believe your work may be a good fit for ChristGEO, please carefully review our mission statement and submission requirements below:

  • To be eligible for employment or contract work: writers must have a minimum of 1 article submission approved and published on the ChristGEO platform.
  • To our Christian brothers and sisters that do not make the final cut for employment or contract work: do not be discouraged, ChristGEO is continuously growing and expanding our team! We will continue to evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis and evaluate writers based upon total contributed content.
  • For writers adding content strictly for fun and for the love of Christ: a section for new aspiring writers is coming soon where you can hone your skills while still helping in our goal of expanding the gospel.
  • Writers looking to sell their books on our platform may apply for access to our E-Book marketplace. You may do so by registering at and clicking “Writer Store Registration.”

Thank you!

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